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  1. Unblock your mobile using a PUK code or remove 'SIM Lock' Updated
    When the security PIN for your SIM card is entered incorrectly 3 times, the mobile phone becomes "blocked" to prevent unauthorised use. To remove the block the PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code needs to...
    Date Updated: 16/09/2016
  2. Set up your Vodafone email Updated
    Setting up your Vodafone email account is straightforward. Below is the information you will need to set up your email on your computer. Looking for Clearnet or Paradise email help?  >...
    Date Updated: 22/09/2016
  3. Pay your Vodafone mobile, broadband or landline bill online
    Here are the steps to pay your Vodafone mobile, broadband, landline or mobile broadband bill through your bank online. 1. Select your bank 2. Follow the step-by-step instructions 3. Be sure to use...
    Date Updated: 22/08/2016
  4. Using other email accounts with Vodafone broadband New
    This article covers using non-Vodafone email services when you have a Vodafone broadband connection. The simple thing to remember is that you're connecting to your email from the Vodafone network so...
    Date Updated: 19/09/2016
  5. Clearnet / Paradise: "Your Mailbox Is Approaching Its Limit" Updated
    These messages are sent automatically when you're close to or have exceeded the amount of space allocated for your email on our servers. We recommend that you start deleting some emails from your...
    Date Updated: 19/09/2016
  6. Set up your Clearnet / Paradise email Updated
    This article provides basic information for setting up email software or apps to use with a Clearnet or Paradise email address. Setting up email on a mobile? Use the details below and our Device...
    Date Updated: 16/09/2016
  7. Set up a modem for Vodafone Broadband Updated
    Setting up your modem for Vodafone Broadband is only required for ADSL and VDSL standard broadband connections. For Cable and Fibre broadband your connection including modem will be set up by our...
    Date Updated: 22/09/2016
  8. Set up your phone for email, the Internet and picture messages
    Set up your device for email, messaging and the Internet in just a few clicks. This service will send settings Over The Air (by TXT) to your device with the details you need to configure your device...
    Date Updated: 15/08/2016
  9. What are my Vodafone Standard Broadband settings?
    These settings are the same for all our Vodafone ADSL or Standard broadband products . Login: username (your broadband username is the first part of your Vodafone fixed line email address eg...
    Date Updated: 24/08/2016
  10. Manage your Vodafone Broadband and Landline account online
    You can check your broadband data usage or current balance or older bills any time online using My Vodafone or Customer Zone . ADSL, VDSL or Rural Wireless Broadband , check your usage using My...
    Date Updated: 25/08/2016
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