Troubleshooting mobile data for phones, Vodems and Pocket WiFi

Mobile data is used for full data devices like Vodems and Pocket Wi-Fi as well as a number of services on your phone like apps, browsing the web and checking emails.

Got a brand new SIM but your data is not working? >

Check if there are any known issues in your area - check the Network Status to see if there's something happening that might be responsible.

Start by isolating which of the data services you use are affected, for instance if the connection itself has lost its data services then e-mail will be as affected as browsing. Think of it like your computer at home, if you have no internet everything that needs a connection will stop working.

Some quick steps to troubleshoot your data connection

  • Restart the device, in a phone try removing the battery for a few seconds then powering the unit back up again (a hard reset)
  • Is anyone else is having the same issue? If you have a Vodem that's not getting a connection, try browsing on your phone. This will establish if there is a possible issue with data services in your location, or if it is isolated to just the one device / connection.
  • What happens / what error message do you get - take a note of what errors you get, on a mobile it may be something like Gateway error or if its in a windows PC you may get an error like error 619
  • If the issue seems to be isolated to one device / connection try swapping SIM cards with another device - for example if you can't get a data connection with your SIM in your phone, try putting it in another phone. This will isolate the issue to be either hardware or connection.

If there is a data issue that seems to be affecting multiple other users, give our Customer Service team a call on 777 and we'll check out whether its something we're know about.

SIM won't connect in my device but works in a different one - The issue isn't connection related. but now looks like settings or a hardware fault. If you have a phone you can try pushing out new settings to your phone.

If you have a Vodem and still have an issue call the Vodem team on 0800 921 021

SIM can't connect in multiple different devices - this indicates a connection or SIM issue. Give our Customer Service team a call on 777 so we can check things on our side for you.

The connection is good but your device is not connecting

Mobile phone - if you've tried the steps above and established that the issue is affecting your phone, but not your connection (the SIM works fine in another device) then start to narrow down which function has the problem. Phones have a range of data services available from apps to email to web browsing.

A data problem that affects all of these functions indicates a possible hardware fault, if your SIM was ok in another device you've established there is no fault with the data services on your connection. While the data services all depend on the same connection, they are configured to connect slightly differently.

If it's only your emails having problems check to see if you're ok on other devices eg can you access your e-mail on a desktop PC ? If that's not working either it's possibly your email provider having the problem.

You can try resetting your mobile settings again in case these have been altered somehow.

Vodem / Data device - You've confirmed your SIM is fine in other devices, now try your vodem in another PC. This will establish if the Vodem itself has an issue - or its only while its in your laptop. Try the Vodem in different USB ports as a first step.

For Vodems you will see an indicator light, the colour of the light and whether its solid or blinking tells you what it's doing.

Green flashing light - No network seen, or standby waiting to connect

Green solid light - Connected on GRPS (2G data)

Light blue light - 3G connection

Turquoise light or gold light - High speed data over 3G (this will show while data is actively being transferred, then drop back to idle in 3G ready for more )

If the Vodem works fine in other computers then it will be something isolated to your computer. Normally we would suspect anti-virus or firewall settings, or possibly some new application that may be blocking the port your Vodem uses. Give us a call on 0800 921 021 if you'd like some help with going through this.

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