How can I find out what's wrong with my home phone?

Please note this information is for customers with phone services provided over a standard copper connection i.e. not Cable or Fibre.

Your phone line provides an electrical connection between the phone exchange in the street and the equipment in your home. If there's a fault on your phone line you may:

  • Hear a crackling or noise during calls
  • Have a dead line or no internet/broadband connection

How can I tell if I have faulty equipment?

One faulty line filter or phone can cause line noise throughout your house. You can find out if the issue is caused by equipment inside your house or a fault on your line by swapping the phones and filters around different jack points.

Test 1: Remove everything that's plugged into a phone jack point one at a time
Start with one phone, one jack point and if you have broadband - one line filter. Check to see whether you still have the same problem. If you have line filters what happens if you try a different filter?

Test 2: Try different phones in different jack points one at a time
If you have two or more phones try them one at a time on each jack point. This will help you find out if the issue is with one jack point or one phone or whether it's throughout your house.


I've finished testing my phone how do I solve the problem?

Replace faulty equipment
If you've narrowed the issue down to one jack point or phone you'll need to replace the faulty hardware. If your internal wiring needs to be repaired call us on 0800 438 448 and we will book a technician to carry out the repairs (a call out fee will apply but we'll advise you of any possible charges).

Get the line repaired
If there is still an issue regardless of what combination of jack points / filters / phones you use then give us a call on 0800 438 448 and we'll run a test on your line to see if we can find a fault. If there's a line fault then we'll fix it as part of the service we provide to your home. If a technician is called out and finds the issue is caused by faulty equipment a callout fee will apply. We'll advise you of any possible charges when you call to book a technician.


How can I find out what's wrong with my Internet/Broadband?

If a line fault is affecting your phone it's likely your broadband speed and connection will also be affected. You can find out if the problem is caused by a line fault or faulty equipment with a few simple tests.

Test 1: Plug the router directly into the phone line
Unplug all devices from the same line e.g. faxes, EFTPOS machines, SKY Digital, computers using dial up, answer machines, etc. Remove line filters, surge protectors, double adaptors, and extension cables. Plug the router directly into the phone jack via a normal phone cable.

Test 2: Unplug the power to the router and plug it back in again
Wait a few minutes and check whether the light labelled "ADSL" (on a dlink router) or "Link" (on a Vodafone router) is on or off.

  • If the light is on and steady you have connection. Plug everything back in (including filters) one device at a time until your connection drops again. This will help you find a problem device or filter.
  • If the light is off or flashing there is no connection. Plug the router into another jack point on the same line (make sure it is plugged into the power as well). You don't need to have the computer plugged in while testing. This will help you find a faulty jack point.


If none of these tests has helped, please call us on 0800 438 448 and we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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