Problems with your landline?

Please note this information is for customers with phone services provided over a standard copper connection i.e. not Cable or Fibre.

Sorry about the trouble you're experiencing with your landline. This could be related to the equipment, jack point, filter, wiring inside your home or the wiring outside the property.

To help us diagnose and report a fault correctly, there is one very helpful test that you can perform. It's called the isolation test and has four simple steps. 

  • Disconnect everything plugged in to your telephone jack points (including SKY TV and alarms).
  • Connect one of your telephones directly into a jack point without any extension leads, filters or adapters.
  • If no luck then test the same handset on a different jack point and try the remaining jack points as well if the fault persists.
  • Try another handset just to confirm that it is not your phone unit/handset causing an issue.  

Still not working?
OK, we will need to lodge a fault. Please contact us by email or call 0800 438 448 with as much detail as possible. We will then report this to Chorus to get them to check between the exchange and your property, which is at no cost to you.

If the fault lies within your property, this may result in a call out fee - this can be avoided if you take out our optional Wiring and Maintenance service, which costs $3.95 and covers basic wear and tear repairs on your internal wiring and jack points of your house - but needs to be ordered 30 days before a fault is reported in order for there to be no costs to you.

We will dispatch a technician to investigate your fault within 24-72 hours of us replying to the email you send confirming the isolation test has been completed.

Physical fault with your cabling or the telephone pole? Please contact Chorus with details of your location and the fault.

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