What are Prepay Add-Ons?

Personalise your Prepay plan

Add-Ons are optional additional features for your plan such as a further amount of data, or a TXT bundle or international calling and TXTs. Once activated, Add-Ons will renew every month unless you cancel them or don't have enough credit for the Add-On to renew, in which case it will be suspended until enough credit is available.

For data Add-Ons, once you have used your data allowance you will be charged at our Casual Prepay Data rate.

For the complete list of Add-Ons available for your plan - sign in to My Vodafone, it's the easiest way to manage, update or cancel your Add-Ons. You can also manage your Add-Ons by TXT - adding, checking on balances and buying new ones.

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