How do I listen to voicemail on my home or Easy Office phone?

Quick links to the instructions for your service, please note your broadband connection type will determine your home phone connection.

Accessing voicemail for Cable customers >

Accessing voicemail for standard ADSL/VDSL customers >

Accessing voicemail for Fibre customers >


Voicemail for Easy Office customers

Listening to your messages on your own phone

  • Dial 0800 836245 (0800 VFMAIL) or press *61 to access the voicemail menu
  • Enter your PIN number followed by #
  • Press 1 to listen to your messages

Listening to your messages from any other phone

If you're calling from outside the local calling area or from a mobile phone, applicable call charges apply

  • Dial 0800 836245 (0800 VFMAIL) or 0064 9 947 6000 to access the main menu (International calling charges apply, when calling from outside New Zealand)
  • Enter your area code (with or without the 0) and your telephone number, e.g. 09123 4567
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN number and then press #
  • Press 1 for the Voice Messaging Menu
  • Press 1 to listen to your messages.


Important things to know

  • New or unheard messages older than 42 days will be automatically deleted
  • Saved or heard messages older than 30 days will expire (but will not be deleted)
  • Customers with expired messages will hear "You have x messages to be deleted. These messages have passed their expiry date."


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