Unlock instructions for the Vodafone Smart mini

If you want to use your locked Vodafone NZ mobile on another network in NZ or overseas (with another network's SIM card) you will need to make sure it's unlocked.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that an unlocked phone will be compatible with another specific network. This is because different networks may use different technologies and frequencies. Please check compatibility requirements with the destination network provider.

Unlock process
Please call our Online Shop on 0800 837 867 Monday to Friday between 8am-6pm and we'll give you the instructions you need to unlock your NZ mobile.
Bought your phone more than nine months ago? There's no charge to unlock it
Bought your phone less than nine months ago? There is a $30 fee to unlock it

Tips for unlocking your mobile
Before you call - please have your IMEI number for your phone handy. You can find the IMEI number by entering *#06# on your keypad - or you can find it under your battery.
Make sure you only enter the code that we give you when you call us. Enter it carefully as you only have a limited number of times to get it right.
Each device has different instructions to unlock it. Please use the device instructions below and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Do not try and guess or make up your unlock code
If our instructions are not followed carefully and you enter an incorrect code more than 3 times, you may lock your phone completely. If, after three attempts, your phone does not unlock please call us back.
We can only help with unlocking Vodafone New Zealand mobile devices purchased from an authorised Vodafone retailer that hasn't been tampered with, 'jail broken' or flashed.


Unlocking instructions for the Vodafone Smart mini


The unlock code we give you will be an alpha numeric code.  Please follow the unlock instructions we give you for your device carefully. They are different for each Vodafone device - so make sure you look at the right one.

  1. Insert a not-allowed or foreign SIM card
  2. Power on the handset. The device will display "Network locked" or "SIM ME lock"
  3. Enter the SIM unlock code
  4. Select "OK" - the handset is now successfully unlocked. 


More information on unlocking your Vodafone New Zealand mobile >

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