How can I change my Customer Zone account Password?

How can I change my Customer Zone account Password?

Your Account Password is specific to your Vodafone account. This is different to the password you may use to connect to your internet connection.

To change your Account Password, you can either contact us on 0508 888 800 (Residential) or 0508 555 500 (Business) or change it online by simply following the steps below:

Please note: To change your Account Password online, you must know your existing Account Password. If you do not know your existing Account Password, you will need to contact us as specified above.

1.   Go to Customer Zone and select Click Here to Log into My Profile.

2.   Enter your Account Number and existing Account Password (or Profile name and Profile password - if you have set one up) and click Login.

3.   Once you are logged into the Customer Zone, select Change Account Password (highlighted in red below)

Customer Zone change password

4.   Enter your Existing Account Password and New Account Password in the fields provided, then re-enter your new password in Confirm New Account Password field and click Submit. Your Account Password will be updated immediately.

Customer Zone change password screen

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