Unblock your SIM card with PUK code or remove 'SIM Lock'

When the security PIN for your SIM card is entered incorrectly 3 times, the mobile phone becomes "blocked" to prevent unauthorised use.

To remove the block, the PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code needs to be entered.

Where can I find my PUK code?

SIM packaging

Your PUK code is supplied with your SIM card when you buy it - it's on the packaging.

My Vodafone

You can also view your PUK code online when you log into My Vodafone - see the video below.

More about finding your PUK code in My Vodafone.

Over the phone

Alternatively, you can call us on either 777 from a Vodafone mobile or 0800 800 021 from any phone in NZ.

If you are asking for your PUK code, please ensure you have information handy to verify you as the owner of the handset. For example, the separate password or PIN normally used when accessing your Vodafone account.

Unblock your SIM card using your PUK code


The formula to follow is: * * 05 * PUK code * new PIN * new PIN #

  • On your mobile keypad, enter "star, star, 0, 5, star, 'PUK code', star, '1-8 digit number', star, 'repeat 1-8 digit number', hash"

Note: If an incorrect code is entered too many times, the SIM card will be permanently blocked (between 7-10 attempts depending on handset).


The PUK2 code is seldom used, it too is activated by the user on their handset, and is used to PIN protect certain call barring functions. If you have a PUK2 request come up on your screen this is located on the pack the SIM came in, or can be obtained by calling Customer services.

If you contact us to request the PUK code, please have this information handy to verify you as the owner of the handset:

  • Your password
  • The security PIN normally used when accessing your Vodafone account via phone or online.

I've entered my PUK code wrong too many times, what can I do?

If your SIM card has been permanently blocked, you will need a new SIM card.

  • Go to a Vodafone Retail store and request a blank SIM
  • After we have ID checked you on your account, you can keep your existing number and we'll simply swap your number onto your new SIM card

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