Taking your mobile overseas?

When you are overseas your mobile "roams" onto a network in that country. When you use your mobile (e.g. make a call or send a TXT) your call is routed from the roaming network back onto the NZ network. Your charges are therefore different because the network you roam onto charges for this service.

If you've travelled before using your mobile, and nothing's changed since then, its almost certain to still be active. Once added we seldom remove it unless requested by you. Changes that may affect roaming status would be collections activity, moving your number to a new account, or changing your number.

If you're on Prepay, check to see if your destination is one of our Autoroaming countries (Autoroam = automatic roaming, where you just get off the plane and start using it) see Autoroaming Destinations. There's more information on charges for using your Prepay mobile abroad here.


How do I check or add Roaming?

On Account customers can check their roaming status online.

Log into My Vodafone where you can check your status, and select "Using my mobile overseas" in the left-hand navigation.

If you prefer you can call Customer Services on 777 and request this be added for you, normal credit criteria applies to new connections.

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