Set up a modem for Vodafone ADSL broadband

We supply the Vodafone Wireless Modem (HG659) for our broadband services - watch the video below for a quick starter's guide.

Switching to Vodafone broadband from another provider? Here's a handy guide of the broadband settings you need (PDF).

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Currently supported Vodafone modems

Vodafone HomeHub (HG 659)

Vodafone Station (SHG 1500):

Vodafone Broadband Complete (HG 556A):


Vodafone modems no longer supported

MT882 Modem

Vodafone MT882 modem:

Full manual (PDF)

HG520s type modem

Vodafone HG520s wireless modem:

Full manual (PDF)

D-Link DSL-526B:

Full manual

Belkin modem

Belkin high speed ADSL modem

Full manual

Belkin G Wireless

Belkin G Wireless Modem Router:

Full manual (PDF)

For other D-Link modems, we recommend you visit the D-Link support page.

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