Set up a Vodafone Standard Broadband modem

We supply the Vodafone Station for ADSL broadband accounts. We do also have supporting information about other modems below. If you're switching to Vodafone broadband from another provider, we've put together a handy guide of the broadband settings you need (PDF).

Please note: We can help you get your wireless modem and computer connected and secured but not all your devices. If you need help you will need to contact a computer technician.


Currently supported Vodafone modems

Vodafone HomeHub:

Vodafone HomeHub modem user guide (PDF)
Vodafone HomeHub basic specifications

Vodafone Station modem

Vodafone Station:



Broadband Complete modem

Vodafone Broadband Complete:


Vodafone modems no longer sold or directly supported

MT882 Modem

Vodafone MT882 modem:

HG520s type modem

Vodafone HG520s wireless modem:

D-Link DSL-526B:

Belkin modem

Belkin high speed ADSL modem

Belkin G Wireless

Belkin G Wireless Modem Router:

For other D-Link modems, we recommend you visit the D-Link support page.

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