What is the dial-up number for Vodafone broadband?

What is the dial up number for Vodafone Internet?

The dial-up access number for Vodafone is 0873 007 77.

The 0873 service we provide directs your call through the lines that it needs to. If you are dialing from a destination that requires the use of our NZ Wide service then it will automatically direct your call to the correct line. If you experience difficulties connecting to the 0873 number in your area, please contact our helpdesk on 0800 438 448.

If you are accessing Vodafone via a cell phone, your access number is 09 303 8282. Note: Applicable mobile call charges will apply. And you shouldn't use this number if you are calling from a landline - use the 0873 007 77 number to avoid incurring toll charges.


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