About Voicemail for my home phone

What is Voicemail for on my home phone?

About Voicemail for landlines / home phones

  • Voicemail will take messages for you as soon as it is connected
  • If you don't answer the phone, your caller will hear this greeting: "You have reached the mailbox of (your phone number). Please leave a detailed message after the tone".
  • If you hear a series of fast beeps when you pick up the phone it means you have a new message (ignore this the first time until you have set up your voicemail).
  • Your mailbox is where your messages are kept
  • Your mailbox number is your area code minus the zero followed by your phone number
  • Your PIN is your personal identification number
  • Voice prompts and 'help' will guide you when using your mailbox. Listen to the prompts and follow the instructions. You can press 0 for help at any time.

Here are instructions on setting up your Voicemail >

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