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  1. Pay your bill online and Vodafone's bank details Updated
    Pay your Vodafone bill through your bank online. Instructions for the major banks are listed below. Looking to Top Up your Prepay account?   |  Want to make a one-off payment for your bill...
    Date Updated: 13/10/2015
  2. Direct Debit (bank) form for Broadband / Home Phone (PDF) Updated
    Date Updated: 13/10/2015
  3. More data for Broadband plans
    On our current broadband plans , when you reach the end of your plan’s data allowance, you will be charged the excess data rate of $2 per gigabyte (GB), or part thereof.  Usage...
    Date Updated: 22/06/2015
  4. Vodafone Naked Broadband Terms and Conditions Updated
    Date Updated: 14/09/2015
  5. Broadband and Home Phone - can I put my account on hold?
    No, sorry, we don't offer an option to place your fixed line and broadband account on hold. Unlike mobile phones, fixed line and broadband services incur an ongoing monthly line rental and...
    Date Updated: 30/06/2015
  6. Broadband and Home Phone – how to tell if a request for changes has been done
    To view recent changes to your Vodafone fixed line and broadband account you just need to login to  My Vodafone . Once you have logged in, click on My Recent Changes link on the left hand menu...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  7. Enterprise Offer Programme: What are the tablet and fixed line broadband plan discounts on the Red+ $65 per month plan?
    If you are in one of the eligible plans you will get a $10 discount when you sign up to one of these mobile broadband plans . For more information on the broadband discounts, click here .
    Date Updated: 09/05/2015
  8. Direct Debit (credit card) form for Broadband / Home Phone (PDF) Updated
    Date Updated: 13/10/2015
  9. What is unmetered data?
    Unmetered data is data usage which does not incur any data charges or reduce your allocated data bundle. Currently, the Vodafone NZ website and web services listed below are unmetered on your...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  10. What is the Unlimited Dial Up plan?
    The Vodafone Unlimited Dialup plan allows you the freedom to connect without worrying about data usage. It costs $20.45 per month and includes: Unlimited hours 5 email addresses 30 MB of ...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
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