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  1. How do I transfer ownership of my account to someone else?
    In order to change your account into someone else's name, both of you need to fill out a Change of Ownership Form  and send it into us. Why does the person taking over my account only have 10...
    Date Updated: 28/06/2016
  2. How do I change my Customer Zone account password? Updated
    Your Customer Zone account password is different to the password you may use to connect to your internet connection. To change your Customer Zone account password, you can either contact us on 0508...
    Date Updated: 17/08/2016
  3. Customer Zone: Update authorised contacts on an account Updated
    A contact on an account is someone who can ask questions about an account and may have authority to make changes. If someone is not loaded as a contact on an account, they won't be able to make...
    Date Updated: 17/08/2016
  4. My Vodafone: My accounts change a lot, is this a problem?
    No problem at all - you can add to the list of Account records, Customer records, or Mobile Connection records managed using My Vodafone at any time. You just need to know the Account or Mobile...
    Date Updated: 19/03/2016
  5. Transferring or closing a Vodafone broadband account
    In order to change your Vodafone Broadband / Home Phone account into someone else's name, both of you need to fill out a Change of Ownership Form. Download a Change of Ownership form  (PDF)...
    Date Updated: 15/07/2016
  6. How do I close my account?
    To remove individual services or close your account completely, please call our Customer Services team on toll free 777 or 0800 800 021 .  With your authorisation, they will be able to shut down...
    Date Updated: 28/06/2016
  7. Will Vodafone discuss my account with anyone else? Updated
    We will only discuss account matters, after a security check, with named users on an account. Mobile customers We will only discuss your account with you, or anyone that quotes your four digit...
    Date Updated: 24/08/2016
  8. Pay your Vodafone mobile, broadband or landline bill online Updated
    Here are the steps to pay your Vodafone mobile, broadband, landline or mobile broadband bill through your bank online. 1. Select your bank 2. Follow the step-by-step instructions 3. Be sure to use...
    Date Updated: 22/08/2016
  9. Manage your Vodafone Broadband and Landline account online Updated
    You can check your broadband data usage or current balance or older bills any time online using My Vodafone or Customer Zone . ADSL, VDSL or Rural Wireless Broadband , check your usage using My...
    Date Updated: 25/08/2016
  10. Credit limits on your mobile account
    When you joined Vodafone, a credit limit may have been applied to your account. This credit limit is one of the conditions of your account, and is the total amount you are allowed to spend on your...
    Date Updated: 11/11/2015
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