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  1. Set up your Clearnet and Paradise email Updated
    This article provides basic steps for setting up email software to use with a Clearnet or Paradise email address. Vodafone supports two types of email - IMAP  (Internet Message Access...
    Date Updated: 27/01/2016
  2. Customer Zone: How do I update authorised contacts on my account?
    A contact on an account is someone who can ask questions about an account and may have authority to make changes. If someone is not loaded as a contact on an account, they will be unable to make...
    Date Updated: 11/11/2015
  3. How do I transfer ownership of my account to someone else?
    In order to change your account into someone else's name, both of you need to fill out a Change of Ownership Form  and send it into us. Why does the person taking over my account only have 10...
    Date Updated: 11/11/2015
  4. How can I add Mail+ to my account?
    The Mail+ feature can be added to your account using our account utilities through the Clear website. To add this, please follow these steps: Bring up the internet address...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  5. How do I change my Customer Zone account password?
    Your Customer Zone account password is different to the password you may use to connect to your internet connection. To change your Customer Zone account password, you can either contact us on 0508...
    Date Updated: 22/08/2015
  6. My Vodafone: The accounts I deal with change a lot, is this a problem? Updated
    No problem at all - you can add to the list of Account records, Customer records, or Mobile Connection records managed through  My Vodafone at any time. You just need to know the Account or...
    Date Updated: 20/01/2016
  7. Will Vodafone discuss information about my account with anyone else? Updated
    For your mobile account, we will only discuss your account with you, or anyone that quotes your four digit account PIN. If you don't have an account PIN, we recommend you call Vodafone Customer...
    Date Updated: 15/01/2016
  8. Are there charges for closing a Business account?
    All cancellations or account closures of Business accounts require notice to remove services; disconnection of services prior to the notice period will result in charges being applied until the...
    Date Updated: 11/11/2015
  9. Pay your Vodafone bill online Updated
    Pay your Vodafone bill through your bank online. Instructions for the major banks are listed below. Looking to Top Up your Prepay account?   Want to make a one-off payment for your bill on your...
    Date Updated: 20/01/2016
  10. Transferring or closing a broadband account
    In order to change your Vodafone Broadband / Home Phone account into someone else's name, both of you need to fill out a Change of Ownership Form. Download a Change of Ownership form (PDF)...
    Date Updated: 11/11/2015
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