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  1. Can I get the SKY with Vodafone discount offers without SKY Basic?
    No, you need to have a standard SKY digital subscription including SKY Basic to switch your SKY account to Vodafone and get our SKY with Vodafone discount offers. You can upgrade your SKY services by...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  2. I have a first generation MY SKY decoder, can I get free MY SKY HDi?
    If you have the first generation MY SKY decoder, you are not eligible for the MY SKY HDi or MY SKY+ discount. However, you can upgrade to MY SKY HDi or MY SKY+ and just pay the $99 installation...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  3. What's the difference between SKY with Vodafone and Vodafone TV with SKY?
    SKY with Vodafone is SKY satellite installation arranged by Vodafone and available for customers who have  ADSL (standard) or  VDSL broadband services with us. We simply add your SKY...
    Date Updated: 13/11/2015
  4. I want to have SKY in my mobile home, can I get SKY through Vodafone?
    No, you will need to organise your SKY services directly with SKY. Visit the SKY website >
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  5. Is my SKY GO Parental PIN the same as the SKY box PIN?
    No, the SKY GO Parental PIN is set up separately to your SKY Box. Of course, you can always choose to set the same PIN number if you wish.   More about SKY GO from the SKY website  >
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  6. Is SKY GO free for SKY customers?
    SKY GO is a free service for SKY domestic customers with the Basic package. You can watch the content you already subscribe to at no extra cost.   More about SKY GO from the SKY website...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  7. What is SKY GO?
    SKY GO is a free service for SKY domestic customers with the Basic package. SKY GO is supported on PC, Mac, selected Samsung devices and selected iOS devices running iOS7. Content can be accessed...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  8. What can I watch on SKY GO?
    With SKY GO, you can watch content that you already subscribe to, at no extra cost with your subscription. There are 10 live streaming channels on both the SKY GO App and on These are...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  9. If I move to SKY with Vodafone will I lose all the programs I have on my SKY box?
    No, you will not lose any of your recorded programs if you move to SKY with Vodafone. However, if you are moving to a different area code (e.g. from Auckland to Christchurch) you will lose your...
    Date Updated: 16/12/2015
  10. I have requested to disconnect my SKY services but I am still getting them?
    Depending on the time of day or day of the week, there may be a delay in your SKY services turning off. Don't worry, you will not be charged for SKY if you have already requested it to be...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
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