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  1. Get a discount on a Mobile Broadband plan
    With an eligible On Account mobile plan, see below, you can get a $10 discount on a paired  Mobile Broadband plan each month. To get your discount Please register your mobile number with us by...
    Date Updated: 19/05/2016
  2. Can I get a naked broadband plan for my business?
    No - our consumer naked broadband plans are only available for residential connections. We do have a great range of  business broadband plans on our website.
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  3. Switch to Vodafone fibre broadband for business
    If you are business customer and you'd like to switch, contact your account manager or call 0800 000 092 to talk to one of our Sales team. Vodafone business broadband & landline plans  >
    Date Updated: 19/03/2016
  4. Can I get Business Broadband on its own?
    To get Vodafone business broadband, you do need a phone line. If you do not already have one you might want to check out our Business Fixed Line and calling plans .  More about Business...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  5. Static IP addresses from Vodafone Updated
    An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number sequence used to identify every device that is connected to the Internet. Most IP addresses are assigned dynamically i.e. every time you connect...
    Date Updated: 13/07/2016
  6. Set up the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6
    Date Updated: 15/04/2016
  7. Set up the Vodafone Smart 4 mini
    Date Updated: 15/04/2016
  8. About Port Forwarding
    Port forwarding is a method used to make a computer or server on your private network accessible to computers on the Internet, even though you are behind a router or Firewall. It is commonly used for...
    Date Updated: 20/10/2015
  9. I have multiple services. How am I going to be charged the Telecommunications Levy Contribution?
    Consumer If you are an On Account consumer customer, you will receive a $0.99 per month (including GST) charge for each of the following that we bill you on a monthly basis: Broadband connection Home...
    Date Updated: 10/12/2015
  10. Nokia Asha 210: Download and use apps from Nokia store
    Date Updated: 14/12/2015
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