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  1. Set up your Vodafone email Updated
    Setting up your Vodafone email account is straightforward. Below is the information you will need to set up your email on your computer. Whichever software you are using, when you add an account/set...
    Date Updated: 16/05/2016
  2. Set up your BlackBerry Internet Email Service
    The BlackBerry Internet Email Service (BIS) allows you to access multiple Internet-based email accounts from a single BlackBerry device through use of POP, IMAP and/or mail forwarding settings...
    Date Updated: 16/02/2016
  3. How do I check my POP email settings? Updated
    In this answer you can find the default POP account settings in most common email clients we support. If you have problems with sending and/ or receiving email, then change the settings of your...
    Date Updated: 03/05/2016
  4. I can't send or receive my Clearnet or Paradise emails? Updated
    There are two ways that you can access your Clearnet or Paradise emails. Clearnet Webmail or Paradise Webmail , or Email software/client (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Mail) You can check if your...
    Date Updated: 13/05/2016
  5. Can't send or receive emails? Updated
    Problems with email are frustrating but because email covers a wide set of activities, it is a process of elimination to resolve them. I can’t send emails Confirm the recipient’s email address. If...
    Date Updated: 31/05/2016
  6. Paradise: Email settings for Windows Mail
    In this answer you can find the default POP3 account settings in Windows Mail for Microsoft Windows Vista. If you have problems with sending and/ or receiving email, then check your settings here...
    Date Updated: 09/11/2015
  7. Vodafone email: Forwarding email to another account Updated
    We can forward email sent to any of your active Vodafone email addresses by creating aliases for you. There is no charge involved in setting up email aliases. To set up email forwarding, please call...
    Date Updated: 12/05/2016
  8. Setup my Clearnet email to work with Mail app on Windows 8
    This article provides steps on how to get your Clearnet email to work with the new Mail app on Windows 8. Although the new app does not provide POP3 support this will serve as a workaround as...
    Date Updated: 19/03/2016
  9. Set up the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6
    Date Updated: 15/04/2016
  10. Set up the Apple iPhone 6
    Date Updated: 15/04/2016
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