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  1. PC Protection: My network games or P2P do not work?
    If this happens you'll need to change the settings of your Internet Shield security level. In most cases, a security level set to the ‹Normal› status will allow you to run these types of applications...
    Date Updated: 06/09/2016
  2. Connect your gaming console to Wi-Fi
    You'll need an Ethernet adaptor for your gaming console. You'll also need a wireless Ethernet external bridge device to communicate with your modem/router. These can be purchased from computer...
    Date Updated: 09/08/2016
  3. What causes high broadband data use at home?
    This article details some of the most common Internet activities that can generate high data use. This is meant as a guide and does not go into specifics. We don't support the below applications and...
    Date Updated: 19/05/2016
  4. What's using my mobile phone's data?
    You will use data on your mobile phone or device whenever you go online to look at a web page, get your email, use maps, login to social networks or upload your latest selfy to Facebook. So, if...
    Date Updated: 28/06/2016
  5. Broadband: Parental Controls and website filtering Updated
    Our modems feature software and filters so you can control what they see and when your home broadband users are online. You can access these features through a web browser by connecting to your...
    Date Updated: 05/10/2016
  6. How much mobile data do I need? Updated
    Smartphones, apps, mobile-friendly websites and services have all driven a huge growth in data use on mobile devices – phones and tablets. But, 'how much data do I need' is a very common question we...
    Date Updated: 12/10/2016
  7. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connections Updated
    Nothing is more frustrating than an internet connection that doesn't work or remain stable. While we have other articles that help you troubleshoot issues with your internet connection , often the...
    Date Updated: 05/10/2016
  8. How does Netflix work?
    Netflix is a subscription service offering TV programming including movies and TV shows streamed online to most internet-connected devices like set top boxes, Smart TVs, Apple TV, game consoles...
    Date Updated: 22/05/2016
  9. What are my broadband Download and Upload speeds, and Ping?
    Download speed is how fast you can pull data from the server to you. Most connections are designed to download much faster than they upload as the majority of online activity, like loading web pages...
    Date Updated: 09/02/2016
  10. Which broadband speed do I need?
    Essentially, it's about speed. ADSL provides a fast connection of up to 24 Mbps, while VDSL is about 2 x that speed. Cable and Fibre connections are much faster again - up to 100Mbps and...
    Date Updated: 17/06/2016
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