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  1. Getting your gaming console wirelessly connected
    You'll need an Ethernet adaptor for your console (Xbox or PlayStation). You'll also need a wireless Ethernet external bridge device to communicate with the access point. These can be purchased from...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  2. PC Protection - After installation my network games do not work anymore?
    If this happens you'll need to change the settings of your Internet Shield security level. In most cases, a security level set to the ‹Normal› status will allow you to run these types of applications...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  3. How to set up your XBox connection on Broadband
    The instructions in this article provide guidance in setting up a Microsoft XBOX console in conjunction with your Broadband connection . These instructions assume that your modem is already up and...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  4. How to set up Nintendo Wii connection
    Nintendo Wii Set Up The instructions in this article provide guidance in setting up a Nintendo Wii console for operating over a Broadband connection. These instructions assume that your modem is...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  5. What uses a lot of data? Updated
    This article details some of the most common Internet activities that can generate high data use. This is meant as a guide and does not go into specifics. We don't support the below applications and...
    Date Updated: 26/08/2015
  6. Tracking data use, calls and TXTs using My Vodafone Updated
    The best way to track your mobile and mobile broadband usage is by using the free My Vodafone App for iPhone or for Android . The app gives you a summary of your usage by the main types of activities...
    Date Updated: 06/08/2015
  7. Parental Controls and website filtering on a Vodafone Station modem Updated
    Parental Controls Parental Controls allow you to restrict a specific computer or device's internet access at certain times of the day. For example you may want to block a games console, such as a...
    Date Updated: 24/08/2015
  8. What is PC Protection?
    Key Features of Vodafone Security - PC Protection The Vodafone Security - PC Protection pack is powered by F-Secure. Find out more about F-Secure on their website . Anti Virus Virus protection...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  9. Using Sure Signal, why are my calls dropping or poor quality?
    This is most likely due to the speed of your broadband connection. Your broadband speed varies throughout the course of the day. This could also be caused by the amount of equipment using your...
    Date Updated: 09/05/2015
  10. How does Netflix work?
    Netflix instantly streams movies and TV shows to most internet-connected devices like set top boxes, Smart TVs, game consoles, phones, and tablets. Once you sign up, you can watch immediately. More...
    Date Updated: 12/04/2015
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