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  1. Troubleshooting mobile data for phones, Vodems and Pocket Wi-Fi
    Mobile data is used for full data devices like  Vodems and  Pocket Wi-Fi as well as a number of services on your phone like browsing webpages to sending PXT and checking emails. Check if...
    Date Updated: 02/06/2015
  2. Direct Debit form for mobile, home phone wireless or mobile broadband accounts (PDF) Updated
    Date Updated: 16/07/2015
  3. Mobile broadband - checking firmware version
    Open up the Vodafone Mobile Connect application on your PC. Go to Tools > Diagnostics Select "Diagnostics" and a pop-up dialogue box will appear. Your firmware version can be found under the...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  4. About mobile repairs and warranties
    All our personal customers are entitled to: a 24-month warranty on a device for all manufacturers. If the mobile develops a fault due to a manufacturing defect, the mobile will qualify for...
    Date Updated: 23/03/2015
  5. My mobile isn't working - help!
    Here is a general guide to troubleshooting some common phone issues. Have you tried our Interactive Device Guides ? They're great for any software or settings issues - anything except physical damage...
    Date Updated: 28/04/2015
  6. How do I make a call to an overseas mobile from my InHome home phone?
    If you are calling a New Zealand mobile, whose owner has taken it overseas: Just dial as normal; you don't need to dial a country code. If global roaming is active on the phone, you will be put...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  7. How much will it cost me to make a call to a international mobile phone from my InHome phone?
    It depends on the country the mobile is from. You will be charged the applicable  international rate for that country. We have a separate rate for calls to some countries' mobiles. If no...
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  8. How do I divert my HomePlan landline to my mobile? Updated
    Diverting your landline calls to your mobile phone is no different than setting up a diversion to any other number. As with any call divert, if you are diverting a call to a number that would cost...
    Date Updated: 20/07/2015
  9. Vodem Stick K5150 - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
  10. About Vodafone audio conferencing (v.conf)
    Date Updated: 19/02/2015
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