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  1. What Prepay data can I buy?
    We have a number of Prepay data plans, whether it's for your phone, tablet or other device and on 3G or 4G. Or if you already have a plan and need more data - you can buy an Add-On or Boost easily...
    Date Updated: 28/09/2016
  2. How can I change to Prepay $19?
    Already with Vodafone Prepay? If you have an old Vodafone Prepay plan or Prepay Pay & Go or Prepay $9 plan, then you can change to Prepay $19 in these ways In My Vodafone , select Change plan and...
    Date Updated: 26/08/2016
  3. Set up Vodafone Mates Prepay
    With Vodafone Mates Prepay, you can activate your SIM online using your mobile phone's web browser. Because Vodafone Mates Prepay SIM cards can only be activated using mobile data, ensure you have...
    Date Updated: 09/08/2016
  4. Help with Vodafone Mates Prepay Updated
    Vodafone Mates Prepay lets you stay matey your way with the plan you design. Here's some information to help you: Where can I buy Vodafone Mates Prepay and how do I activate it? You can get Vodafone...
    Date Updated: 06/10/2016
  5. Prepay Add-Ons that don’t go on hold
    Add-Ons that are free to opt-in to, like Traveller and  Family Add-On (Prepay members) never go on hold, and you only need to opt in to them once. More about Add-Ons  > Video on managing...
    Date Updated: 24/08/2016
  6. How can I tell if my Prepay Add-On is on hold? Updated
    Here's how to check the status of your Prepay Add-On. Check if your Add-On is on hold online in My Vodafone 1.   Log in to My Vodafone 2.   In the Menu Bar under Your Plan , s...
    Date Updated: 14/10/2016
  7. Casual data rates for Vodafone Prepay Updated
    Prepay Carry Over $19, Prepay Carry Over $29 and Vodafone X When all of your plan's data has been exhausted (including Carry Over and Prepay deals), you will be charged $1 for 25 MBs (the casual data...
    Date Updated: 19/10/2016
  8. About Prepay Add-Ons or Boosts Updated
    How do Add-Ons work? Prepay $19 & $29 Boosts and pricing Prepay $9 Boosts and pricing Supa Prepay Add-Ons and pricing Things to know about Add-Ons Notifications you get about Add-Ons  ...
    Date Updated: 26/10/2016
  9. Top Up another Prepay number in the My Vodafone app Updated
    If you want to Top Up a family or friend's Prepay mobile number, it's quick and simple in the My Vodafone app. How to Top Up any Vodafone Prepay number  in the My Vodafone app Open the My...
    Date Updated: 06/10/2016
  10. Bringing your Prepay number to Vodafone
    Here are the ways steps to move your Prepay phone number to a Vodafone SIM card. Moving your number to Vodafone Back up your contacts, TXTs etc from your old SIM by transferring them to your phone's...
    Date Updated: 22/09/2016
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