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  1. Paying your bill online and Vodafone's bank details
    Pay your Vodafone bill through your bank online. Instructions for the major banks are listed below. Looking to Top Up your Prepay account?   |  Want to make a one-off payment for your bill...
    Date Updated: 26/08/2015
  2. Vodafone email settings
    Vodafone supports two types of email - IMAP  (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP  (Post Office Protocol). Which should I use? We recommend the use of IMAP as this means your...
    Date Updated: 21/08/2015
  3. Configure your mobile for email, messaging and the Internet
    Set up your device with settings for email in just a few clicks. This service will send settings Over The Air to your device with the you need to enter to configure your device for use on the...
    Date Updated: 20/08/2015
  4. Clearnet and Paradise email settings Updated
    This article provides basic steps for setting up email software to use with a Clearnet or Paradise email address. Vodafone supports two types of email - IMAP  (Internet Message Access...
    Date Updated: 01/10/2015
  5. Voicemail for your mobile Updated
    Voicemail is the same as an answerphone. Listen to your voicemail by dialling 707 from your Vodafone mobile . Setting up voicemail for the first time? Read this FAQ  > In this FAQ How...
    Date Updated: 06/10/2015
  6. "Your Mailbox Is Approaching or Has Exceeded Its Limit" - Clearnet or Paradise
    These messages are sent automatically when you're close to or have exceeded the amount of space allocated for your mailbox. The standard size of a mailbox is 100MB. This refers to emails stored on...
    Date Updated: 20/08/2015
  7. Set up a Vodafone Standard ADSL broadband modem Updated
    We supply the Vodafone Station for Standard (ADSL) broadband services - watch the video below for a quick starter's guide. Like this video? Subscribe to Vodafone's YouTube channel for more >...
    Date Updated: 09/09/2015
  8. Set up your BlackBerry Internet Email Service (BIS)
    The BlackBerry Internet Email Service (BIS) allows you to access multiple Internet-based email accounts from a single BlackBerry device through use of POP, IMAP and/or mail forwarding settings...
    Date Updated: 07/07/2015
  9. What are my Vodafone ADSL / Standard Broadband settings? Updated
    These settings are the same for all our Vodafone ADSL or Standard broadband products . Login: username (your broadband username is the first part of your Vodafone fixed line email address eg...
    Date Updated: 06/10/2015
  10. Set up an automatic bill payment by Direct Debit Updated
    An automatic payment or Direct Debit means we instruct your bank to pay your Vodafone bill when it is due. To do this, we need a physical (or digital) signature as authority. We notify your...
    Date Updated: 09/09/2015
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